Kuropatwa Diamonds
Company Milestones

Started small factory in Kimberley – built and developed from scratch in South Africa – organic development from local roots.

First purchase from Diamdel.

First purchase of 2.5-4ct CLG (now ‘commercial’), SLG and 3/8gr chips.

First purchase and recognition of importance of preparation/marking technology - initiation of long-term dedication to utilization of technology and proprietary systems in the manufacturing process.

Relocation to Cape Town from Kimberley to make contact with bigger sector of SA retail market and gain access to outstanding local recruitment.

Initiation of long-term training program and skills transfer – resulting in 50 staff trained to exceptional standard, permanently employed in diamond manufacturing. Minimum of 98% of staff have always been South African.

Strategy to target / recruit best possible candidates – agent hired to find top graduates for marking/prep department – Kuropatwa Brothers has developed highest caliber marking team in the global industry.

Accepted by ABN Amro as first non-Sightholder client in SA. Change of head-office policy to include Kuropatwa Brothers as a client and treat Kuropatwa Brothers as test case for the SA market opportunity amongst non-Sightholders. Stated reasons for policy change include proven ability and strength, SA presence and penetration, transparent book-keeping, integrity, contrarion innovative scientific approach and future growth potential.

Continuing purchase of preparation technology positions Kuropatwa Brothers as biggest investor in this technology in the whole of Africa – KB’s ownership of Ogi’s version totals 10 with 2 additional machines on order. Proprietary approach culminated in development of the largest marking / preparation team in Africa (all turnover companies included).

Biggest individual certifier of polished diamonds with the Jewellery Council of SA and therefore leading supplier of local certs in SA and leading manufacturing supplier to the SA retail market.

Emergence as one of the outstanding local manufacturers - fastest growing local manufacturer - 100% growth of year-on-year penetration and sales in SA.

As a 100% SA owned home-grown Company, Kuropatwa Brothers is positioning itself as the model for successful development of a coherent and integrated producer country manufacturing and marketing operation.

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