Kuropatwa Diamonds

Kuropatwa Brothers manufactures loose polished diamonds in its owner-managed factory in South Africa and sells to retailers and branded wholesalers.

Kuropatwa Brothers is already the largest individual producer of SA certificated polished and the leading manufacturing supplier to the SA trade.

Kuropatwa Brothers Competitive Advantage

In its short history, Kuropatwa Brothers has transformed the diamond trade in Cape Town by becoming the first SA manufacturer to offer a genuine supply alternative to established wholesalers.

Kuropatwa Brothers increasingly powerful position in the SA market is driven by its outstanding, leading edge manufacturing.

Kuropatwa Brothers commitment to maximising value extraction from the rough has driven the business towards a uniquely scientific approach to the manufacturing process.

Kuropatwa Brothers has developed significant competitive advantage through its manufacturing, by creating:

  • Largest and most highly trained and educated marking team in Africa
  • Largest investment in Ogi lazer marking technology in Africa
  • Development of proprietary systems to exhaust analysis of manufacturing results
Kuropatwa Brothers Proposition
  • Genuine 100% South African product. Kuropatwa Brothers offers a genuinely South African certificated diamond, and specialises in the SA 60/60 cut. A consistently made, South African manufactured product is a highly compelling proposition. South African provenance is of course relevant locally, and increasingly important internationally.
  • Full range including broad range of certificates, and all cuts. All conceivable shapes and cuts are offered including best fancy polishing in SA. Kuropatwa Brothers also offers a full range of certificates and makes for all sizes and qualities from 0.10ct I2.
  • Access to Kuropatwa Brothers factory and manufacturing expertise.
rough diamond
  • A young, dynamic manufacturer with a uniquely successful local manufacturing profile, total dedication to manufacturing at the source, and unique understanding of the local market. KB represents an opportunity for customers to partner with an extremely fast growing ‘large scale’ producer country manufacturer when many other South African based manufacturers are contracting and exporting their polished product.

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The Kuropatwa Brothers proposition has become irresistible to South African retailers as well as to local and International wholesalers. Indeed, a number of large International wholesalers travel monthly to Kuropatwa Brothers. These terms, combined with KB’s unrivalled ability to derive value from complex rough, serve to reinforce KB’s financial strength and provide the engine for KB’s growth.